Tile Saw Safety

Date Added: August 19, 2008 02:16:07 AM
Author: Bill Kirk
These safety tips apply to many different types of saws including table saws and tile saws.  Every year many thousands of people world wide are injured by not using proper safety methologies when using several different types of saws, including tile, chain and table saws.

1. Always use a push stick when the fence is set under 4" to the blade.
2. Never stand in line with the blade.  Stay as far away as possible from the blade.
3. Always unplug the saw when changing the blades.  Failure to do this this alone causes many injuries every year around the world.
4. Never reach over the blade.
5. Always wear eye protection.

The basic safety rules to be followed during table saw operation:

1. Make sure the fence is locked into place after setting the desired width.
2. Always keep the work firmly down on the table while pushing it past the blade, do not release too soon. 
3. Keep the work riding against the fence throughout the operation.
4. Do not allow an excessive overhang of the work beyond the blade.
5. Do not feed the material faster than the saw will accept.  Let the saw control how fast it can perform.

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Please visit this site and article often as we do make regular updates in order to keep this tile saw and general saw safety article current and up to date.

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