Red Palm Villas

Date Added: November 21, 2008 09:18:20 AM
Author: Suzen Lee
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"Only when you get here do you realize that Costa Rica is a spectacular destination. With a diverse landscape boasting of tropical waterfalls, sparkling beaches and breathtaking views, Costa Rica is THE place to spend your holiday.If you want a truly amazing combination of luxury and value, your ideal destination will be Red Palm Villas. Located on Santa Teresa Beach, the villas are made for those who wish to take the road less traveled. If you are a newly wed couple, the Honeymoon Villa will be perfect to start your married life in a beautiful, romantic and unmatched way!Tickle your adventurous side by staying in one of our Hummingbird Villas. Right next to the Hummingbird Creek, it is casual yet defined with discrete elements to make it an excellent zone for you to relax after an adventurous day. Complete with a gourmet kitchen, mini-bar and space to entertain, the Hummingbird Villa makes your days and nights special. Regardless of the villa you choose, you will be treated to amazing views, constant sunshine and finally, the opportunity to relax and revive your spirit. You will also find a host of activities to keep your holiday interesting and fun. There’s a lot you can do at Santa Teresa, having: Rain forests National parks White sand beaches Giant sea turtle tours Hot springs Bird watching Monkey trails Horseback riding In short, there’s something for everyone here. Get ready to witness the most beautiful view in the world when you enter the Red Palm Villas. The beautiful coastline and the perfect weather will transport you from bleak reality to the world of charming delight and spectacular dreams. Now all that’s left for you is to book your tickets and start out for the most incredible holiday of your life!"
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