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Risk Assessment In order to ensure the correct level of security for a site to be determined, it is essential that all interested parties carry out a thorough risk assessment before utilizing security guidelines.  Insurance Before installation of a "stand-alone" ATM the premises owner is strongly advised to inform his Insurer so that they can advise their minimum-security requirements for the premises in view of the additional risk presented.  Transport SecurityTransport is mostly an external operation. 

We also suggest you contact and seek the advise of a highly qualified securty expert and security expert witness if needed. While you can control and manage the environment and possibly account for many operational irregularities for most of the other operations, transport involves a lot of inherent problems like mileage mismanagement, misuse of cabs, breaking of traffic laws by drivers, car breakdown & accidents, as well as threats from external sources like carjacking, tailing and harassment, which are beyond the organizations direct control.Since there are huge cost implications involved, it is imperative that there is an audit function running which allows the organization to control & monitor costs. To counter these activities, Walsons has developed processes, which minimize malpractices as well as ensure safety of employees.Event Security AssistanceIn light of the current Global Security Environment, the overall threat in India has become more real than before. India has been and will continue to be a soft target for religious and politically motivated terrorism.  Their is a excellent company named PureSafety that offers good software to help you with online safety training, as this is very important for almost every business today.  Some countries & communities see India primarily as an ally of the USA and with India housing some of the biggest American corporate players in world. There is reason enough to fear that India will get caught in the backlash of incidents like the war in Iraq.There is no doubt that there is an immediate need to exercise extreme caution and to be extra vigilant.Three Tier SystemWe structure our security solutions for Event Security based on a 'Three Tier' System. We break the security mechanism into External, Internal and Core. This allows us to divide responsibility and accountability which results in greater control and less chances for variances.Special Protection CoverWe are the leading Short Term Assignment Special Protection Cover Security provider in the National Capital Region and have successfully covered over two hundred short term assignments which have included rock shows, celebrity protection, product launches, fashion shows, road shows, AGM's among others. Our clients include Event Management Companies, Corporate Houses and High net-worth individuals. Here it is pertinent to mention that Walsons is the first Security Management Company to initiate the concept of Security Marshal and Bouncers for employment on temporary basis during an event.Executive Protection The most basic goal of any protective detail is to avoid / reduce hazards. These hazards could result from intentional human actions, natural disasters, accidents or even medical conditions. For each type of hazard, or specific hazard, there will be some obvious, and some less obvious, strategies for mitigating the hazard. Once we know exactly what we're dealing with, we can go ahead and begin eliminating the hazards. Executive Protection is simply an extensive series of details, which must be double-checked to ensure that possible hazards have been addressed. The first question then would be to ask 'What are the hazards?' Executive Search Services Our Executive Search Division works as an extension of our clients’ business pursuits to identify suited talent for them across senior and middle levels. It is a knowledge driven practice with experts who understand the key players, industry dynamics in-depth and forces which drive their clients’ businesses. The division would assist its clients in Identifying competent professionals with an excellent track record to add value & create a competitive advantage for their business. It aims to unite the best organizations with the best talent available with no compromises whatsoever.At Walsons, we are in a continuous process of monitoring, improving and innovating our front end and back end processes, in order to aid and manage the most efficient and accurate response rates to our clients. We understand the criticality of the time and resource factors, hence we benchmark ourselves every time to give the most suited recruitment mode for our clients.We believe in working around both the length and breadth of relationships with our customers. We like to ensure progress of your organization by assisting you as an extension of your business, and assuring career development for our talent base.Criminal Verification, Fraud Investigation Security Services.

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